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Digital media adding extra wings to movies

We all like movies. Each year thousands of movies are released in India, movies of different languages. Movies are one of the finest and largest modes of entertainment. People easily connect with this form of art. From the actual start of the entertainment industry, people are captivated with movies and movie stars. They deliberately or insentient follow and copy them. Clothes and accessories come and go following the movie trends. This is the charisma of the entertainment world. It’s not about making a movie, releasing a movie and earning profits from them. It’s about creating an endless aura of the movie among the mass. Digital platform has been causative largely to create and preserve the aura of the cinematic world. Movies have become lively to mass than ever before. It is not only the cast that entices the attention of the mass. They find it same humorous to know about the directors, musicians, singers, choreographers, writers, designers of the movies. When a movie gets released, people see and leave their remark on all. Sometimes before, there is only one-way communication. People have to continue gratified by watching interviews on TV, reading their reviews in print media, following their promotions on TV, radio, serials and commercials. Print media has played a significant part till the date. They have left no stones upturned to make audiences connect to the movies, stars and related experiences. But now things have changed. We are now residents of the digital era. Facebook, Twitter, snap chat, YouTube, mobile apps and games have become evident part of our life. Film marketing companies are using social media and digital marketing platform extensively these days. Film marketing companies are responsible for the result of movie promotional services. They work on the idea of reaching the largest numbers of audience possible. They know how eager the audience is to indulge themselves in star life gossips and snippets. The audience feels special when they enjoy real-time connections with their favorite movie stars. They use two-dimensional approaches to garner the attention of the mass.

Firstly, the goal digital tools and secondly, they initiate social media promotions. They support production houses in the digital promotion of movies. Digital tools like digital advertisements, digital launches, branded content and apps are initiated to unveil real-time connection with the audience. People find branded contents, install apps and ensure their continued engagement with the movie. Some movie makers have gone beyond conventional promotional methods in promoting their movies. They have created online games on the theme and characters of the movie. It is the simplest way to reach the audience while at the same time creating a strong bond with the same. There are instances of huge use of social media tools like Facebook live, twitter periscope, snapchat, Instagram stories in the promotion of movies in India. These social media tools have created a robust and direct channel for movie buffs to remain connected with their favorite stars. Film marketing companies are exploring disrupting ideas of promotional services to the reach greater portion of the audience. Movies have so much to offer beyond the plot, cast and music. Digital marketing campaigns have proven the fact. It is for their effective digital campaigning strategies we find people queuing up in front of the ticket counter of the theater. We can give some evident examples of digital movie promotional approach. Movies like Harry Met Sejal, Lipstick under my Burkha, A flying Jutt, Bahubali have gone beyond conventional promotional techniques in creating a strong platform base for the movies.

What is SR Techno Tech?

SR Techno Tech is digital marketing agency of Delhi, creation ways through gravels. Along with supporting digital marketing needs for business and political landscape, we are also very much present in the entertainment industry. We provide digital support to movie promotional services. It is our responsibility to reach the largest numbers of audiences for a movie. In SR Techno Tech we believe in a unique presentation of digital services.

Why would film production houses look for SR Techno Tech?

We have brilliant movie producers, directors, writers in the Indian industry. There are continuously offering us good movies. Indian film industry, apart from its entertainment aspect, is one of the largest sources of employment in India. Life and livelihood of so many people are closely connected with it. The success of the movie will leave a great impact on the life of every people associated with films. Indian film industry is also a prime revenue generating industry of India. It has a large contribution to gathering foreign money. Digital marketing platform helps the movie makers to meet that reach to make their movies successful.

As an aspiring digital marketing company, we have already proven our worth in the film industry. We provide complete attention while developing movie marketing strategies for our clients. Every movie maker has some signature message to deliver and has different ways of presentation. We effectively incorporate digital tools with the ideas of movie makers to create a unique way of approach. The promising team of SR Techno Tech is skillfully handling the digital affairs of an upcoming blockbuster, PADMAVATI. We are all waiting for the movie to create milestones leaving an everlasting impact among its audience.

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