A managed experience is a more seamless experience, from the ads that initially peaked their attention, to the landing page that provides more information on the offer, all the way to the reviews you serve them on your site.

Managed audiences drive more sales than unmanaged audiences.

We see social media as playing a crucial role in communicating our content in the ways our audience wants to receive it. We treat our social media presence as an editorial extension of our brands, while protecting the integrity of our brands’ editorial voice. This is essential to maintaining the audience’s trust and following. We work closely with our client partners to integrate their brands into a mutually engaging campaign that fits in with the various 99 social digital. Integration is assessed on a campaign-by-campaign basis and remains at the complete discretion of the editorial team to ensure brand share of voice transfers to point of purchase and conversion-based metrics.

The Audience Management Team is the first and last point of contact for all strategy related to promotions and social media across Bauer Media titles. Specifically, the Audience Management Team is responsible for:


Create, schedule, and manage on-air, online, and off-site promotions. It seamlessly coordinates all promotions efforts into one integrated solution.


Reward your audience for connecting with and staying loyal to your brand. There are two type of audience rewards: content-based and points-based.

Social Media –

oversees Bauer Media Group’s social media strategy, cross-platform integration, analytics, commercialisation, best-practice and auditing, ensuring that all social media activity aligns with the publishing and editorial strategy of each brand at all times.


Reach your audience with a tier one email engine inclusive of robust targeting and analytics. Custom built and designed for companies that support multiple brands and users with varied levels of expertise and skill.


Gather and analyze direct feedback from your audience with it’s advanced survey and media-testing capabilities.

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