Manage Amazon Order & Inventory in SR Techno Tech

SR Techno Tech enhances the Amazon selling experience..


Before you list your products on Amazon, you are required to register your business first. During registration process you will have to enter the following details in order to become a seller on

  1. Company and Contact Details: You need to provide your personal name, email address, mobile number and company name.
  2. Program Information: Select selling on Amazon option and enter these details such as your primary product category, estimated annual revenue, total number of product in stock, business website, estimated unique visitors to your website, name of the city where business is located, number of physical stores, do you sell to customers or retailers or both, VAT and TIN information, do you sell on other portals, any other details. Once you are done with your details, hit submit button and wait till Amazon approves your sell on Amazon request.


You won’t be charged for listing your products on Amazon but you will have to pay monthly subscription fee which is about Rs 499, closing fee Rs 10 on each product category, a referral fee(it is a percentage of the total sales price that is paid by buyer) and a order cancellation(seller cancels order for any reason) fee.


Amazon will transfer your all payments to your provided bank account once a week when your order is confirmed as shipped and moreover the pickup facility will be managed by Amazon itself but you will have to ensure that you will pack and keep your product ready for pickup.

Manage your Amazon Seller Account

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